Vegan Burnout Body Creme

100mg CBD per tube 
Made in the USA

(unfortunately we cannot ship this product internationally or to the following states: AK, FL, GA, HI, IA, ID, KS, MS, NH, SD, UT)

No matter where you’re holed up Dolls, these busy days can be exhausting on the body and tough on the skin.

To help melt away your stress and/or body aches, our CBD infused Vegan Burnout Body Creme moisturizes but doesn’t leave that greasy film we love to hate.

How To Use
Spread this cream all over your body after an intense yoga/workout sesh, a relaxing bath, before bed, or when you’re just layin’ around being the Kween that you are. Massage it in on your hands, on tense shoulders and tight hips. It’s also nice on the tummy during that time of the month.

Doll Tip
If your hands are dry after all of the washing, good, they should be!
Try a drop of body cream there too, this cream is a dream for parched skin.
mg CBD