Glamour Dolls is on-trend makeup brand co- founded by celebrity makeup artist Jessica Romano and finance wizard Peter Georgotas.  These two are the ultimate team, and make it possible to bring Glamour Dolls to life. 

You might recognize Jessica from Style Network's reality show Glam Fairy, where she was filmed in her every day life as a beauty guru.  Jessica's mission creating Glamour Dolls was simple; create high quality products that are cruelty-free and vegan at price points accessible to everybody.  Jessica believes you shouldn't take yourself or your makeup that seriously!  She designs Glamour Dolls with her signature girly flair, and enjoys naming products that make you laugh when saying them out loud (there is nothing better than hearing the guys at the warehouse say "meowter space"). With a whole line under $5 try new things, take a selfie, and explore the wonderful world of cosmetics.


Tested on dolls, not animals

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