Kitty Kisses

Protectyour pout with our fragrance freetinted lip balm. This waterproof formulation was specially created to KEEP your lips silky SOFT with a super sheer, barely there wash of color.

  • available in 10 soft shades including clear
  • SPF 15
  • lightweight
  • meow

Doll Diary,
Wear alone, under, or over your favorite Lip Cream! 


Glamour Dolls Garage Sale

Some of your favorite makeup from Glamour Dolls recently came in with a misprint on the shrink wrap. When we placed a reorder, we never changed the old expiration date- oops! Not to worry, everything is 100% safe and the real expiration date is 12 months after opening the product.Instead of throwing away perfectly good makeup, we decided to turn our sour lemons into lemonade and offer them to you for only $1!

Our mistake = your savings.