Gloss Snob 3.0

If you thought our Gloss Snobs were shiny before, brace yourselves for our NEW, 3rd generation Gloss Snob- our most glistening lip gloss to date!

Back and better than ever, Gloss Snob 3.0 features an improved formula that is now paraben-free and delivers a high-shine, luxurious look that’ll last for hours. Also, featuring new packaging with rose gold accents, and it’s signature $nobby confidence.

With five NEW shades, plus a returning fan favorite, every doll will have silky-smooth, intoxicating and extra kissable lips! #snobmob

                      - Stay glossy

Burn Book - bubble gum pink
Mosh Pit - chocolate
Extra - cork brown
Perky - nude petal
Glass Slipper - crystal clear
Mood Ring - mauve